Friday, July 12, 2013

The Joy of Weekly Trips to the OB/GYN

Last week started the first of my weekly visits to the lady doctor. Basically, I'm going there what feels like all of the time. I don't mind. It's always exciting to hear baby's heartbeat! I had an especially colorful trip into the office today, so I thought I would share.

 The adventure always begins with parking. You have to park in the correct section of the correct level and start a series of elevators and cross walks into the building. It might as well be a ropes course. As I was taking one of the many elevators on my journey today, one of my elevator mates was an adorable old lady with puffy white hair, a striped button down shirt, and flip up sunglasses-snazzy. 

As I entered the elevator, she made a loud "whooo-wee" noise and proceeded to announce to the rest of the group that she was glad she wasn't carrying "that" around giving a generous nod to my stomach. I giggled and answered the following questions about when I'm due and whatnot. We got off the elevator and were walking the same direction at the same speed. Yep, my waddle has reduced me to the speed of puffy white hair old ladies. 

As we walked past the line of people waiting to get on the elevator that we had just exited, she stared belly level at every woman we passed all while loudly declaring the enormity of their baby bellies. Then she started the story that really made me chuckle. She said in a perfect southern old lady voice with eyebrows raised, "I saw a lady with four little kids once and I asked her if she knew what caused that(she pointed at the imaginary children when she said this). That lady looked at me and said, 'yes, and I like it.'" She raised her eyebrows even further in a clear look of disapproval while pinching her mouth just like she had too much lemon in her sweet tea and finished, "I'll never ask that question again." 

She may not be asking any questions, but that tiny little lady is not shy about her belly stare downs. 
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