Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 36 Weeks

I'm officially at the end of 36 weeks. That means that in days this baby will be full term. We both got a good report at the first of my weekly doctor's appointments this week. My doctor is guessing that baby girl will not be small (which I have been predicting from day 1). My mom did not have small babies, and I'm guessing that I won't either. The doctor said she thinks that baby girl is probably already weighing in at 6 pounds. Her heartbeat sounds so good and strong, and she wiggles around all the time. I'm still feeling really good, but I am feeling a bit more tired. My body is definitely telling me that it's almost time for baby. I think she will probably come before August 1. She may surprise me by being late, but I really think it will be before the due date. 

Her nursery is almost done, and I hope to post pictures soon. We just have a few things to hang on the walls, and I'll be ready to share. I love the room. It feels so comfortable and a reflection of my taste and personality. My best friend, Lindsey said, "It's quirky and put together and happy!" I agree with her and hope that this little girl will be all three of those things!

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-22at53344PM_zps0813d56c.png


  1. You look great!

    1. Thanks so much! It's great to hear words of encouragement!