Wednesday, July 10, 2013

B's Birthday known to others as the 4th of July

Yep, my husband was born on a national holiday and he's a twin. Yep, he thinks he's the coolest thing for it. It's a good thing I think he's the coolest too. His twin brother lives in other parts of the world, so it's been odd for the last few years celebrating solo. I've tried to make his birthday an extra special occasion, and I think he has enjoyed it. Last year he turned 30 and he got a gift on the half hour for 12 hours. That, my friends, was a lot of fun. This year I didn't have a scheme planned out, but I did have a plan for his gift. Anyone who knows Bryant knows that his interests are unending. He likes hunting, and art, and music, and fashion, and photography, and just about anything else. The sick part about that long string of a sentence is that he's really good at all of those things. I mean the dude has talent, y'all. It's no wonder I went all starry eyed over him nearly 10 years ago.
 Anyway, at Christmas  my cousin got a ukulele and B thought it was super cool. Since Christmas I've had a secret plan to get him a ukulele for his birthday. How cute would he be playing a tiny instrument and singing to a tiny baby. I mean for real; that's too much to handle. I had this all planned out and was so excited until a few weeks ago when he started talking about wanting a new guitar. His guitar is a hand-me-down and he said he'd never had his own acoustic. *Light bulb moment* I got him a new guitar for his birthday. He loved it! Let me tell you; it was a shot in the dark. I'm about as musical as an anvil falling on a piano. My friend Emma and I walked into the guitar store and the guy immediately said, "whatever you're looking for I can find it for you." He did. I was so relieved that B liked it. He played it all day and has been playing it so often ever since. I was one happy lady! 
I couldn't wrap it, so he had to discover it hidden in the back of my car.

It was a very happy birthday to B and a happy 4th as well!
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