Monday, March 12, 2012

More Cowbell?

I have a sickness. 

Every time I go to Target I come out with too much stuff. When I have an excuse like going on a trip, I really go crazy. Yes, I need quick dry top coat. Yes, I need 2 new nail polishes. Yes, I need nude flats. Yes, I need two adorable bracelets. Yes, I need adorable notebooks for travel writing.Yes, I actually do need travel containers for cosmetics(under $2.) At least I didn't leave with 1 or 7 adorable scarves that I wanted.

I've got a feva. The only prescription is clearly more cowbell.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Week

1. I cooked two new tasty recipes! Interested? Look here and here. 
2. My sweet hubs got the air conditioner in my car fixed. Score! It gets hot here, y'all.
3. I got more and more exited about the fact that I will be in California very soon!
4. Managed to miss a baby shower because I'm an idiot and thought it was today. It was yesterday.
5. I took 0 pictures with my camera or phone. Oops.
6. I got to spend some time today with a friend I don't see nearly enough.
7. I watched Tangled with the hubs. He was glued to the TV and giggled like a kid. I love him.
8. I got to catch up with fellow bloggers Rachel and Hannah earlier this week.
9. Downloaded The Tiger's Wife to read over spring break.
10. According to Bryant, I talked in my sleep every single night. What a weirdo...

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Infinite Sarcasm

According to Bryant, I stated the following while sleeping last night.
"Do you even know why I'm teaching you this lesson?"
"You should. It's obvious, really."
Apparently I'm a pain in the neck in my dreams too.

On a side note, I wore a skirt with no tights today, and the clocks spring forward this weekend. (Don't put them too close to the edge of a shelf. I've learned that lesson the hard way.)

Happy Wednesday!