Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Facts of Life

1. My mom rocks. I just spent an hour ranting/venting to her while she was cleaning her classroom, and she was completely supportive/understanding. (My other family members rock too-Mom is the star student today.)

2. I'm getting back on the running train. After the half marathon in April, I fell off track a little bit. A new running group has formed in town, and it has been amazing running with them. (The coffee after running isn't a bad deal either.)

3. The school year is about to begin! I'm ready/anxious/excited/terrified all at once. 10th grade and AP 11 will be a handful this year (my first full year), but the challenge is welcome. Does anyone else get excited about rhetorical analysis? I do...

4. My friend, Emma, hosted a fabulous beach trip a few weeks ago. I want to go back and stay longer.

5. Movies this summer have been amazing. X-Men, Harry Potter, Transformers, and now Cowboys vs. Aliens-my sci-fi tank is happy and full.